2015: Most & Least Read

A barn in Ust-Sobolevka. Photograph Ⓒ Jonathan C. Slaght

This is my 40th post in the last 12 months; a year’s-end offering of 2015’s most- and least-read stories.

1. Least Read: A Graveyard of Rust. This was my first post ever, in January 2015, which garnered a mere 26 views! These 100 words about Ust-Sobolevka, one of the most remote villages I’ve ever visited in Russia, are worth a second look.

2. Most Read: A Nutritious Meal. This story, about a long drive and a very questionable can of meat, was a lot of fun to write. And I am happy to report I did not contract trichinosis as a result.

Thanks for a good year and here’s hoping for more of the same in 2016.


3 Replies to “2015: Most & Least Read”

  1. Hi Jonathan:

    Seems reasonable that the first post was the least read – tho maybe now with this send-out it will get some more reads.


  2. Should be MOST READ: Everyone should read Winter Ecology of the Amur Tiger (see Books on Jon Slaght’s page). The final story, “Yudakov’s Last Trip” is breathtaking in it’s story of a man’s ultimate struggle. The descriptions of the wild become so vivid in your mind that your senses will know the place and time, This is surely the finest tale I have read, and I know I will reread often.

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